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About R M Deshmukh Electricals

We Build for Your Comfort

We R M Deshmukh Govt. Licensed Electrical Contractors in Pune have been in the electrical contracting business since 1997. We offer a wide range of services in HT & LT Substation Work & Installations, L.t. Panels Excavation & Laying of H.t., L.t. Cables, Industrial Electrification, Electrical maintenance, Internal & External House Wiring, Residential & Commercial Bldg. Electrification, Data Wiring, Maintenance of Electrical Equipments, Earthing Jobs, etc.

We are one of the top electrical contractors in Pune, providing trustworthy, reliable, and effective products and services to our customers. Our team is always ready with a friendly, courteous, and welcoming heart for our partners and customers. Our Track Record from the customer is 100% satisfactory as we have developed a culture with our work that is Consistent, efficient, flexible, and long-lasting.

We offer various Services starting from Electrical Wiring Services for residential and commercial buildings to all internal and external cabling work installing HT & LT Substation.

Book our services online to get the best professional Electrical services at your doorstep in Pune. We bring forth our vast industrial experience and expertise in Electrical Wiring Services. We also provide design and installation services for new building wiring or expansions and budget estimates for commercial and industrial projects across Pune.

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Electrical Wiring Services

We have been rendering industrial electrical wiring services and residential electrical wiring services in Pune since 1996. We are one of the oldest electrical companies in Pune with 24 years of experience in electrical services. For us, quality in service and customer requirements comes before everything. We give the best value for your investment in all services.

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Residential & Commercial Bldg. Electrification

Residential and Commercial Building Electrical services are an important milestone in every construction project. The quality of the electrical work undertaken will affect the entire project's lifestyle, safety, and durability. The right grade of material must be used with the right skill to do the wiring, install substations, and the safety-related works. Different projects have different challenges requiring an experienced team to work on them for a sustainable and cost-effective solution.

We are a renowned company, offering a comprehensive range of Residential & Commercial Building Electrification services in Pune. For many years now, we have worked with reputed builders, developers, and distinguished clients to provide our services to them. We are proud to say that our customers have certified our services for their reliability, flexibility, and timely execution. We provide all internal and external Electrification of all types of Residential & Commercial Projects. Our in-house team of electricians in Pune are highly skilled, delivering quality work in all spheres.

Residential Project Types: Townships, High-rise Towers, Bungalows, Apartments etc.

Commercial Project Types: : IT Towers, Shopping Malls, Petrol Pumps, Hospitals etc.

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Repair, Maintenance & Installation

Electrical components in any operation need a skilled hand to install, repair, and maintain them so that the quality is maintained and the electrical components can perform to their optimum capacity. Trouble-shooting while installing and after completion is the mark of a good electrical team, and we have an expert team in that regard.

We have undertaken all kinds of repair and maintenance works for reputed builders, developers, gated communities, office spaces, and commercial establishments in Pune. R M Deshmukh Electrical Contractors in Pune is a preferred choice for all types of installation, maintenance, or repair services 24*7. We provide a wide range of high-quality electrical repair and maintenance services to our customers in Pune.

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Offices Electrification

Commercial spaces need extra attention and care when it comes to electrical work. In particular, office buildings are generally extremely electrical-oriented buildings and have a lot of complex electrical arrangements to suit their working style. Office electrification works should also be easy to maintain, troubleshoot, and upgrade in the future. We work closely with the architects and engineers to provide an optimum solution in the given timeframe and budget as per requirement.

We follow the relevant ISO standards and ensure that all the materials are as per recommended standards and that all safety procedures are followed during electrification works. We are one of the electrical companies in Pune, offering Internal Electrification work for commercial and institutional buildings. These electrification services are widely used in various offices, commercial buildings, residential complexes, etc. The entire wiring process is carried out using advanced technology machinery for precision and high-quality service.

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Data Wiring

The internet is an essential service in today's date, and every office and commercial building depends on the service provider to do a quality job. It has an impact on their productivity and profits also at the end of the day. Data wiring or data cabling service has to be done in a way that it is optimized for better performance and minimal material. You need a skilled technician who knows the concept of data cabling and can execute the engineer's vision perfectly. Data wiring must also be easy to monitor, maintain but protected from external elements not to get damaged.

We are known for offering Data Cabling Services/ Data Wiring Services providers in Pune, India. Our company helps in designing and installation of the best cabling systems that suit the network infrastructure. Our certified technicians offer design, installation, maintenance, and optimization of structured copper cable and fiber optic cabling systems. Ensure your landscape lighting work with underground cabling is done the right way with R M Deshmukh Electricals, Pune.

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All Internal & External Cabling

We have the best solutions for Internal and External Wiring Services in Pune. Our solutions comprise installing, testing, and commissioning external and internal wiring in offices, malls, hotels, industries, amusement parks, and hospitals.

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HT & LT Substation Work

We are one of the leading HT & LT Installation contractors in Pune, India. We have expertise in undertaking industrial and commercial HT & LT installations. Our experts execute the HT Line Installation Service, LT Line Installation Service, and commissioning services for poles, conductors, cables, insulators, hardware fittings.

Earthing Jobs

Earthing is an integral part of the electrical system; it consists of a connected strip metal electrode within the soil and surrounding soil itself. It keeps the building secure and protected and ensures that all the appliances in the building are safe. No construction can be completed without an earthing, and it is only livable once the earthing is completed.

We are a service provider with advanced electrical earthing services in Pune. Our expert engineers have vast working experience in this field. We have developed cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions for your earthing/grounding requirements.

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